As God does Punish.

He picked up his spectacles from on top the dresser and placing it firmly on his nose, turned to her. She drew the cigarette away from her lips, whistling a plume of smoke in his direction. Satisfaction played around the smirk on her lips. “And what are you so excited about?” She tongued the cigar … Continue reading As God does Punish.


We Will Not Pray For Ourselves.


Akotowaa Ntontan

People who are dying of thirst know that they need water to survive. That if they raise their voices to ask, someone may just bring it. We always assume those dying of thirst would like their thirst quenched. Sometimes, they would not.
It is a curious thing, the mind of a person who does not want to stay. I am talking about the kind whose eyes are open and can see the truth clearly. The kind within arm’s reach of the cure, whose hands remain demurely folded in laps, as disease ravages rapidly.
It is one thing to be exhausted of your own life. It is another thing entirely to be exhausted of life itself. To know that even if your personal, greatest problems were suddenly, magically solved, you still would not want to stay.
Whether or not we are impervious to burning does not change the fact that we…

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Selfish: A Self-Help Guide on Depression

Did you know that, all the suggestions that come up when you google ways to die are not-so-subtly structured to convince you not to? It's very annoying. Today, Kofi contemplated suicide. He googled “painless ways to kill yourself” and actually scrolled through 2 or 3 links before the ardency of the moment squarely hit him. … Continue reading Selfish: A Self-Help Guide on Depression

She Got Him Boxers: The Controversial Conversations of the WOKE Misogynist

This is not a representation of the authors personal views.  “She got me boxers chaley. Fucking boxers” I turned away from my laptop so he could see the teasing glint in my eyes. He rolled over from the flat of his back unto his sides, head resting on his right arm, facing me directly. “I … Continue reading She Got Him Boxers: The Controversial Conversations of the WOKE Misogynist