A Psycho In Beijing

Ok ok so im baaaaccccckkkkkkk all ye obronis who missed me, my fellow Africans …. er… yh, you too 😀 hehe. Anywayssssssss so im back due to popular demand, your original Ghanaboi Mr.Super Mr.Duper Mr.Sexyashell……Bucketmouthhhhhhh!!!!!!!! *yayyyy cheerssssss waiviinnnggggg* Caf CAf … mmm and ladies and gentlemen in my researching and searching for hot topics that will get you smiling at your screen like a complete idiot B)(like only I know how) I came across my old boi bi(For you obronis that means friend,homie,buddy,whateer you guys call it)and an old story came up…hehe so here it is, todays hot topic……………………….WHEN YOU FALL IN LUV WITH A PSYCHO B**CH!!!!!!!!! *thunthunthunnnn lightning effects, wolf cry, dog bark, cow moo 😀 (whatttttttt ??? cows are scaryyyyyyyyy ) hehehe. Anywayssssssss so this friend of mine who’s name for safety reasons shall be kept hidden,found himself with an ugly fat (not that I have a problem with plus sized women who almost always finish allthe food in the fridge… though im not marrying one in this economy:D)moodswinging freakishly freaky psycho b*tch (yhhh yhhh its obvious, I never liked that evil woman)
Now the girl was crazy, how he didn’t know from the start I don’t know ooooo ei, you aaa youre not pretty, then youll be flexing flexing and acting crazy all the time. Im talking I get what I want no matter what scary oooo, one moment smiling suddenly straight face scary, daddys girl scary, eiiii me dier she scared me kraaaa. Some girls are there you just know theyre going to glue your balls to your thigh if you mess with em. But lets give her the benefit of a doubt, maybe not all girls know what to do when they like a guy, maybe they do psycho bitch things to let the guy see shes strong….maybe. But if it is truuuuuuuueeeeee STOP !!!!!!! PLEASE SPARE US THE CRAZY BI**H TORTURE!!!!!! Me I just don’t get some things ooo. After that Beijing conference, didn’t they say what a man can do a woman can do better???? Me I saw that phrase as a good thing ooo I celebrated and stuff, but then I come out and I find out the term applies only when its in favor of the girl????
That’s just not right. If youre a girl and you believe in that phrase then please please please when your car fails you on your way to work, don’t stand around with your bonnet open looking pretty, waiting for some nice guy to ask whats wrong. No way, no way, ahnahnn, run to a nearby salon and call your sisters in feminism. Im sure theyd be glad to help :D. Good, now that ive shared that with you, lets go to the psycho b**ch and our one excuse for her; ignorance on what to do when you like a boy. If you can vote, If you can be a boss, then whytf cant you just tell a boy you like him ????? Is it that hard ???? im like eiiii what cheating too is this ? You get to be men when you feel like it and crawl away fast when you don’t ??? Eiiiiiii. MMM im talking too much, my how to survive falling for a psycho has turned full swing around hehe. My brain does that to me sometimes, but I think I made perfect sense, the evil woman had no excuse, no woman does. If you can do what we do better, then don’t be waiting on no guy to get on one knee for you. You go out there, you go get a gold ring and you get on that knee! Nwasiasem… Naaa I bore . Mtchew , please if youre a girl and you just read this, I am putting a curse on you now now now on behalf of all the guys whos ears hurt on the daily cause all you do is nag about feminist sh*. Until you live according to the phrase “what a man can do a woman can do better”in its true sense, everytime you say it, you will fart loudly. Be waaaarrrrrrrnedddddd yoooo. Hehe im African too oooo , mm if youre not afraid aaaaa you dier fool hehe, Anobokitis out!


3 thoughts on “A Psycho In Beijing

    1. Kofi you’re so funny. And FYI when a girl’s car gets spoilt she doesn’t call the guys to come help her..tell them boys to go past a girl in that situation😒 it’s not a girl’s fault that the boys can’t resist chale😏lool.this has nth to do with feminism. It’s just human nature😩😂😂


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