Violence! : Why I had no love for Gaza

Yo!, its me, Anobokiti….but yeahhh you already know that.(You have a serious problem if you don’t chaley, it right up there, just look up ..hah!)

Er… so yeah, that was me trying to give a better introduction, cause somebody (don’t worry Akpene Darko Cobinna of Gimpa Level 200, East Legon. I wont mention your name ­čÖé ) said my introductions are too “hyper”. Well okay, since I literally only write for my readers, hope this was/is (don’t know if im done) good enough.

Now a lot of stuffs been happening with me… or at least was (now im just at home, eating, sleeping, texting, continually lying to myself that im on a diet…) but for some strange reason that has nothing to do with laziness hehehe I’ve not been able to share these things with you guyssssss ­čśŽ and im sorryyyyy *pls insert awww here Hehe. Nyehhh but today I thought, fk it, you guys deserve to for how many minutes biaaa that you read this, have a feel of my awesomeness. So here I am behbeh, and todays topic : Violence! Yayyyy ??? Boooo??? well lets wait and see lols. Ps- I’m going to look at violence from some not too “regular, everyday” perspective okay? Okay,lets start then!

So my inspiration for todays topic ? Sigh…for like 2 or 3 weeks some 2 or 3 weeks ago my conversations, my time, my breath was spent endlessly and painfully on debating and arguing and googling about Israelis and Palestinians and boring CNN things that normally I wouldn’t really be interested in (Hah, if my dad sees this smh) and oh, I just couldn’t get anywhere with the people I was “arguing” with. How did it all start? Lemme see , yeah, I was at my somewhere one day when this chaw chaw talking broke out in this whatsapp group im in about how people were dying and the Israeli Palestinian war was unfair and what not. My first thought… well its a bloody war, does it have to be fair ? But then time went on and I got to know more about the whole matter. Apparently it was a classic case of “I bring you to my house, you become rich, now you want to throw me out”, well .. kinda. And then I thought, well okay, they do have a right to fight for what’s theirs, but then LORD !!! OH SWEET SWEET LORD!!! I started seeing all these pictures about how the Israelis are cowards and how the Palestinians were being bombed here and there and I got angry, I got really, really angry. I’m sure here youre thinking awwww he felt sorry for the poor Palestiniansssss.. NO !!! FK NO I DIDNT !!!! I was angry at how one sided the whole affair was.

You are showing me pictures of dead Palestinians and saying look what the Israelis did.. like the Palestine people dier, they are sitting in their corner somewhere with their hands behind their back and just taking in punishment after punishment when in truth they were the ones who instigated the whole freaking thing in the first place, you are telling me the Israelis own the media when if I google Israel-Palestine war right now kraaa aaa all the pictures ill see will be of dead Gaza children with small writings about how evil the Israelis are underneath it, you are telling me that the Gaza people have hurt absolutely no one ???!!!???

What I absolutely didn’t get is why someone would show me these pictures and force me to vilify the Israelis when they also have dead people? When they also have mothers who’ve lost husbands, sons, legs and limbs. It annoyed me so much how the impression of the Palestinians being poor lambs being led to the slaughter house was being forced on me, cause in truth, in my eyes, they were being just as evil as the Israelis. I argued and argued this point so many times that a friend told me he was shocked at what I was saying… that he was disappointed in me. From all indications, he thought I was supporting the Israelis. I wasn’t and I still don’t, God knows I never will. However the same goes for the Palestinians.

I believe in justice, justice in its truest form, and from what I think justice is, supporting any of them wouldn’t be fair to any of the innocent citizenry who’ve lost loved ones. I couldn’t say hey, this country is evil see the people they’ve killed, it would be unfair to the widow in the other country as well who’s bent over the corpses of her whole family. I couldn’t support on the basis of well it is theirs??? because it would mean absolutely nothing to the 5 year old boy who’s dad went to work and never came back, I couldn’t, I just couldn’t.Its yours alright but what did my 3 months old baby know about that? I couldn’t support on the basis of well they don’t even have an army when like I said before they started it. (I mean you cant punch a bully wearing brass knuckles and expect him to take them off before he hits you). I just couldn’t….

That’s why I chose to talk about violence today… the whole thing frustrated me so much Godddd!!!!. I literally couldn’t express my sentiments without looking evil, inhumane or plane psychotic. Honestly, I wish I could have supported the Palestine people ( I heard its over now, stopped following it) but I don’t believe in using violence to prevent violence,It just doesn’t work, but violence in its self, violence works. What do I mean? watch the movie V for Vendetta and you will definitely understand lols. With everything that is not solid, that has to do with human emotions and psyche, there is no definite, there is no 1, only 2/3, 1/3 and the likes, so understand me when I say violence 2 point 5 times out of 3 only works when you have the upper hand over your oppressor, which seldom happens. And this works the other way round too. Do you get what im saying ? VIOLENCE ALWAYS FAVOURS THE ONE WITH THE UPPER HAND! That is why in South Africa, black segregation couldn’t be solved with violence (the whites had the upper hand), that is why Segregation in America and elsewhere couldn’t be stopped using Malcolm X’s approach ( the whites had the upper hand) and that is definitely why, if what im hearing is true, only the Israelis, the “Villains” could end the war, based upon their own reasoning, they made the choice!, cause believe me, if its over, then they chose to let it be over, because what? THEY HAD THE UPPER HAND! And that is why what the Palestinians were doing in my opinion was extremely stupid and why I did not support them and I still don’t support them. Their leadership just let poor innocent people die for nothing because what? they believed violence was the only way out of their predicament, in essence, they were FOOLISH!

Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, what is oppression that has not been felt by man before. It is foresight that the leadership of Palestine lacked. They wanted freedom for their people, NOW! Theres nothing wrong with that, but sometimes its better to look at the impact the “NOW” you are fighting for will have on the future. Example? Ghana.. The UGCC people were not stupid ooo, they knew what they wanted for the country when they said “Independence in the nearest possible time”, now look at Ghana after some 50 plus years, we are sooooo happy smh. Look at Libya, they wanted Gadafi out quick quick, they are sooo happy now, im going to make a prediction now. Lets for the whole of this year and the next (that is provided the war is really over…which I hope is true) look at Palestine. All the violence, the deaths, the destruction of property, the money lost, lets look at how they will go about things economically. Will the country ever be the same again? Lets wait and see, shall we? It saddens my heart chaley… lack of foresight, now generation upon generation will come and meet the country in so and so state. Will they ( the later generations) thank them or curse them for how they handled the situation. Well, we live to see.

Let me conclude here na this is becoming to long chaley, I respect the Palestinians for fighting for what is theirs, I respect them for not lying down, it was theirs after all… I sympathize with them over their losses, but to their leadership, to the way they handled the situation, curses paaa and they deserve. Violence doesn’t solve anything when you don’t have the muscle for it chaley, I pray my readers and myself learn how to handle situations with our head more instead of our hearts. Going through suffering for your country is commendable, but suffering and loosing in the end? I leave with this saying

Sometimes when you win…you lose.

Please think about it.

4 thoughts on “Violence! : Why I had no love for Gaza

  1. Ur looking at the situation like it was just another war. The problem with this is that it wasn’t ‘just another war’ and the part where you said Palestinians were fighting the Israelis because the became rich on their land is very untrue. Israelis were trying to capture parts of other Palestinian lands that didn’t belong to them. I see you mention Nelson Mandela who didn’t solve the apartheid problem with violence. Nelson Mandela said that the freedom of this world also depends on the freedom of Palestine. I’ve forgotten the exact quote though. UGCC leaders were not stupid like you said. Nelson Mandela wasn’t, either. If you want violence, look at what Israel is doing. U think what’s happening in Ferguson was because…?? American police was being trained in Israel and see what it led to. Now that they felt just a teeny bit of Gaza’s pain they start demonstrating on how American police should stop being trained in Israel. Also, U know the world supported South Africa during the apartheid, tried to stop slave trade, raised blacks from their second class citizens, etc. that’s the same way most of the world recognizes the plight of Palestine, etc. I know ur really trying to look at it from a neutral point of view and all but maybe, just maybe, if u stop seeing it as ‘just another war’ that is one sided, you’ll understand.


    1. Im reading all that you said, and im nodding, im understanding, but then i get to the end and i realise, i don’t really get how all of that justifies using violence against violence. Im not disputing that the Israelis are being unfair, my post shows clearly (i think…) that i do recognise that they are being bullies.At the heart of my post however is how i feel violence just spoilt the palestinians case in my eyes so much i just couldn’t support them. Supporting them would mean not giving 2 hoots about the 3 months old baby who knew nothing about the war but still died…that wouldn’t really be fair would it?
      Violence is never, i believe a last resort.
      Now the war is over, the fight has been “almost won”, (theres is some amount of satisfaction) but look at all that theyve lost in the process. How will they get back on their feet as a country?
      That is what i meant by sometimes when you win, you lose.
      Thanks for commenting, i appreciate your appreciation of my piece lols.


  2. Well said man..well said. honestly it was quite depressing and slightly annoying reading on this war cos to think this war actually started in the mid 20th centuary and till date arrangements towards the truce haven’t been honoured by both Israelis and Palestinians┬┐ i’m like…..WTF.. these guys will forever fight like kids since they refuse to reason as adults do. Like u said ,voilence can never solve violence.
    Basically this whole conflict stems from border issues..everyone wants a peice of the “Promise Land”. The Israelis are justifying their fight with biblical evidence that God gave the land to them through Abraham who’s heir was Jacob. The Palestinians also claim that the land was given to them through Ibrahim , who’s other heir was Ishmael.
    Still arh , Israelis say Ishmael doesn’t have legit claim to the land bcos he happens to be Abraham’s son from the servant and not Sara , the wife ….but the Palestinians will have not of this. I’m no atheist , but just look how crazy this shid is! Just picture how messed up it’ll be if Ghanaians decide to start a large-scale war (it’s not like we can tho..we’re just too broke and lack the artillery-oh Mahama!!!lol) all because ‘Akan’ was mentioned somewhere in the u get my drift┬┐
    I thinks its great how both parties have regard for this holy land , but their actions are defiling the very holy grounds they fight for. I’m on the fence here. Netheir side is innocent and neither can point an accusing finger at the other for being an oppressor or whaeva. With this said and done , I say f*** to the kid in every picture holding a placard that reads , “DONE BY ISRAEL” or “DONE BY PALESTINE”.
    It should read , “DONE BY US!”.


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