Freedoms songs beyond my wall.


Hey, Anobokiti here.. but you already know that. Based on the success of my last “poetry post” I decided to share something I wrote yesterday with you guys. Do you ever feel imprisoned? Like the path you are supposed to take has been literally drawn out for you and going against it would just be suicide? Well, hope you like it.

on the way to Jericho with a sledgehammer and gloves
mind set to back ache, sweat, jests and taunts that sting
but yet i sing
but yet i smile
it is not purpose that leads but will; mindset of a mind set
Will you join or will you stare. im not insane, i live! im free!!!!

The sun burns at my skin
i am thirsty, i feel sick
I see Jericho beyond the hill, its pieces fall into the wind, i cannot see, sand sand !!! inside my eyes.

Someway i make it there alive, sledgehammer heavy in my hands
blow after blow, the wall stares defiant.
the sun falls, the sun rises, my body scorched, my body shivers, i sling still, i never give up.
i heave and i sling, my gloves tearing into pieces, palms numbing with my heaving,legs, threatening to give in, my boots turn red with bloody debris.

The sun casts visions in my minds eye
i seized see the longest of times ago
only thumps engulf my brain,
i see textbooks, i see the bible, i see my mother, i see the world move


one last time… or not.
i sling, a crack stretches wide…it breaks…it falls… I’m free

I see beyond the wall, I’m free
a mindset penetrated by a mind set. I’m free! I’m free!

From religious enclaves, from the conformities of society, of destiny, of expectations
I live as no one but myself, the master of my own fate
and it hurt and it burned, I was deceived, my eyes threatened close but my mind was set.
set to break the chains of a mindset forced on me for years, by you and you, societies curse.
I live as my self, no God, no job, I live as myself, I make this choice today: to sway away from choices dictated; jump into the bush, past snakes and scorpions, through the bush, i pave, my own path free from you and you. I choose me over all, I choose me over you.

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