Sam Quinn’s Success.

Deformedly Gracious

This is a story, entirely fictional, of a young boy who thought he was following his dreams.

Sam Quinn, a young aspiring artist, moved to the city. He did not visit the sites, he did not see the Queen, he simply stayed in his attic studio flat and painted.

Scan 2014-9-1 0002

He had forgotten time. The only indicators of the days passed were the scarcity of clean socks in his drawer and the wall of free newspapers blocking the front door. Sam Quinn decided it was time to leave the house.

Scan 2014-9-1 0004

He walked up and down Gallery Street and visited gallery after gallery, trying to get his work exhibited.

Scan 2014-9-1 0002_2

But he was laughed out the door every time.

Scan 2014-9-1 0006

Filled with grief and remorse, Sam Quinn returned to his attic flat and did the only thing he could do. He painted. He painted and painted in such a frenzy that he broke his paintbrush.

Scan 2014-9-1 0006-4_2

And cut his hand.

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One thought on “Sam Quinn’s Success.

  1. All’s well that ends well! I’m happy because they laughed eventually. Let’s quit smoking. The number of cigarette sticks that has passed through your lungs determine your weakness. Good work bro!


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