Cigarette Smokes in a Silent Bar, Alias: Kwame Rasta and the Heartless World


“If i had just one wish, i’d wish everything in the world was free, but like the only thing you had to pay for was a heart. Not just that, but that the heart would be very very very cheap so everyone could afford one…but if everything was free, would anything really be cheap? Anyways, anyways don’t think about that, else it’ll spoil what I’m coming to say… *hits blunt… that everything was free, and the only thing you ever had to pay for your entire life was a heart, and the heart was like, really cheap, that’s what id wish for. So i can see how many people would actually want to buy one. You know, the world is a fucking heartless place you know? Everything’s expensive, we pay for everything, , but like when it comes to one of the only free things we have, our heart, we don’t even use it *inhales blunt deeply. We just act fucking heartless all the time. So fucking heartless…what would happen if everything was free and we had to buy that one instead…cheap as it would be, would people buy it, you know?”

The barman keeps writing in the registry, he nods but isn’t really listening. The clock ticks 1a.m. and he wonders when Kwame Rasta will be done with his ranting. The numbers in the book fade out and he absentmindedly stares at the page, pen in hand…Ama… God what was she up to now? He remembers her silent smile when he asked who the man who had dropped her off last night was…

“Wont you write again?”

He comes to his senses and looks up into Kwame’s face

“I was thinking of what you said abi?”

He continues with the accounts….

“Nobody, you would see, like nobody will even be bothered to get one *blows cigarette smoke into the air…Of course, the question is would anyone even have money if everything was free??? If no one has money, and the only thing you have to buy is a heart, then a heart wouldn’t be so cheap erh? Maybe i have to edit my wise saying hahahahahaaa …*He falls quiet and looks across the empty bar…

“But that would be a good thing, wouldn’t it?”

The barman closes the accounts registry with a sigh and points to the clock

“Closing time Kwame, you can tell me about it tomorrow”

Kwame passes his hands through his hair and smiles … “I’m not coming here again chaley… this is my last cigarette, that shot you gave me was my last djinn… *he looks around the bar sadly…

The barman closes the stall and walks out keys in hand, “Why, whats going on?”

“Doctor said I’m going to die… said i have a hole in my heart” *drops cigarette and steps on it..

He knows he should be sad, but he cant keep from asking, “Is that why you want hearts to be cheap, or expensive or free?”

“I don’t know..” He feels the sides of his pockets and brings out a box of cigarette, “Forget what i said, this is the last one”

They both break into laughter and walk out the bar together.

5 thoughts on “Cigarette Smokes in a Silent Bar, Alias: Kwame Rasta and the Heartless World

  1. …. if everything was free, can anything be cheap?
    if everything was free, and the heart was the only thing sold,
    would anyone buy it?
    if a heart was cheap and everyone could afford it,
    in a world where everything was free except for a heart….
    would anyone buy,
    and who would they buy it from….

    why from someone who got tired of using theirs of course
    deep rasta *passes blunt*

    Liked by 1 person

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