Alvin Akuamoah’s The Third Called Emmanuel


Foreword: This is a work of fiction.

Shepherd of the Lost

In the beginning, the first three men brought to the baby the third star of the east, a symbol of the babys birth, not as the first child of the sun but the third, because everything to his birth and everything that would be to his death in the 30th year was the number 3.
My whole life I searched through the desert looking for this wonder baby, this baby with the number 3, but the prophecy that had preceded him was deceptive, he was not recognized as the third but as the one, my journey was hence made even more difficult. Everyone would turn red with rage at the mention of the third, I was not a believer, I was not a conformist and for that the stone was cast.
Years later, perched with a widowed mother of 3, I would hear of the thirds baptism and the wonders that preceded it, I would hear of his fellowship with twelve men of no pure repute, I would hear of his journeys. My lifes mission was just one, and I had known it right from conception, to find the third and to kill him, to make room for the true heir.
So on the third full moon, being mindful of the significance of the three to the pronounced messiah, I traveled to Jerusalem with 30 pieces of silver after the triumphant entry, my life savings I say and I looked for the man named Judas, the most greed driven of all his followers. Stories were rife of his thirst and lust for the coin, after their fellowships he would stand aloft and scream and pray that the listeners donate to the spread of the word, then he would rage at the other disciples, hold the one called Peter who was most cowardly by the neck and say, “brother, why do you make me the evil one, when evil is needed for the sake of the word”
So on the third night after the third full moon I found this man they called Judas and I payed him the thirty pieces and I whispered into his ears, “Betray thy master for he is not the one, a one much purer, much fairer in grace and much more powerful in might and in strife is to come upon his death, for there was a war in the stars a long time ago, a rebel they called Lucifer sought to overthrow the Supreme Alpha and Omega, but he failed, cast down to earth, the pet stool of the Alpha, he, petrified and unable to for his splendid allure alone travel down to earth, a loved yet sinful place asked of his three sons who was folly enough to be savior of the humans. The third, much more foolhardy than the two eldest before him offered himself, but foolhardy he was, and the Alpha knew this, but for lack of enthusiasm to save a race detested by the men of wings, he allowed that the third come and save. Now 30 years on into his preachings and teachings, he had broken down the laws of old and began a new teaching of his own, the old laws set down by his father at the behest of the Prophet Moses, he had made nothing of, the heavens were displeased and his return screamed for on end by the heavenly host. So like the Baptist wanderer of the desert, born with the duty to pave a way for the third, I had been born, sole reason being to return the third to his fathers side, should he ever wander from the righteous path, so the first, true heir of the throne of Negus come and teach the proper ways, the ways of the father as written in stone by the Prophet Moses. His return was needed and with 30 pieces, his return was eminent”
And on the day of the crucifixion I watched from a distance his blood wane on the cross, I heard him when he shouted, “Eli Eli lama sabachthani?” and was greatly angered by such blasphemy, he had forsaken our ways, fallen to bed with a woman of the earth and taught a new practice that would forever change time and here he was the professed messiah questioning the love and loyalty of his father, torturing him with it!  When the father hurt at the plight of his son and the earth quaked and silence fell, it dawned on me a realization that hadn’t since, we could return the third and so we did, but his teachings and ways would forever remain, the harm he had done would never clean of. You could kill a man for a man was flesh and bone and blood but an idea was omniscient, the humans would never know the truth, in its purest form at least. They would mistake right for wrong and wrong for right, they would follow the third unto their deaths and detest the first for who he claimed to be, the first and true heir to the throne of the negus. But that was not my business; my purpose was at an end. I stabbed myself the third day after his death….
And true to my fears, the 11 left attacked and desecrated his tomb, they said our messiah cannot die, and burnt his corpse, let the ashes into the wind. Then they went round the villages still, preaching the words of the third, with an extra on a resurrection that to them made his messiahship complete.




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