Jacks about the Sex for a Change

about sex for a change

This post contains major sex, nudity and strong language…its about sex. Pls look away if youre like, not into shit like that. Oh and…youre really dumb if after reading this you form some “perception” about me. Im a writer, I write everything. Okay so maybe im making it too obvious this particular subject takes balls and im scared as hell. Oh man…im soo deleting this soon…maybe…. #Freemind #infinitemind

By the time I finally got to having sex, and this was just like a month ago, I had literally done everything that was “sex”. Wait you think youre confused? You have no Idea how confused I was. I didn’t know if I was a virgin…or a half virgin…or not a virgin…or maybe just “sexually active” You know, it was actually that bad, but you can bet I called myself a virgin everytime I was asked, and every time it would follow with disbelief like, “Please youre lying, with your kind of dirty imagination??” Hah! And for some reason I would get offended…I wonder why. I mean, I should have felt guilty, I had literally done everything chaley, right from the elementary sticking a finger in her cunt while you kiss her neck to freaking 69, you know? That one where the girl sits on your face while she sucks you off? Hell I’d even stuck it inside…been sticking it inside. The only thing was, all the times I did these things, all the times I played these “games” they were with virgins like myself. Yhup, you read that right, “VIRGINS”!!!
I mean with girls its always easy telling where you stand on the virgin radar, you know youre good till the hymen breaks, that sorta thing, so I would stick it in, not too deep, stop right when it started to hurt a little, and Id you know… have sex…but not all the way….Does that even make sense??? Well, I did it anyways and believe it or not sometimes they/she (Im not revealing how many of em Ive been with you freaking pervert) would cum. Now of course this made me question the essence of the hymen in the first place you know, cause hell the vagina worked fine without it! Nyehhh but maybe this is just the 20 year old in me who really doesn’t want a child talking, maybe the hymen is very important to older people who want children, but frankly, fuck it, Im 20 I don’t need the hymen for shits.
And that is my point guys, all this rambling, that is my point!!!! I absolutely did not understand how I could do all these shits with these girls, and they in the end would be able to say “Hey my hymen is still intact, Im a virgin” but I couldn’t…when we did it TOGETHER, I mean where is the “equality of the sexes” in that???? So yeah, I called myself a virgin too. Afterall, I had never stuck it in all the way.
When I did though….man is that shit overhyped. Maybe I was with a “hoe”(that terms very inappropriate btw. Read it in this context as a sexually promiscuous person. Women are allowed the same sexual freedoms as men and slut shaming is not okay. Edit 2019) , I don’t know, maybe my penis is just really not that big enough man, afterall I was getting girls.. uhm, or a girl, (still not revealing) to cum without breaking through the hymen so that would make sense, but ah…it was soooo lose. Good Lord, Im not even trying to be disgusting right now, it just felt…I don’t know, lose! And as you’ve probably already figured by now, before we did it, I had looked down at her with some shy face (I was playing the goodboy card, just shut up and let me continue the story) and said, “You know Im still a virgin rightaz?, Ive never really you know???” Hahahaaaa sorry… its just really funny, telling it to myself now. So you can bet she was surprised when we fucked …..and fucked….and she came….and we fucked and we…. Yeahhh, as you have probably put together by now, I wasn’t cumming. You bet it felt good, there was this time during the whole “process” where she looked at me with this shocked expression as I turned her over to her side and went like “Youre still hard???” It was epic. Yeaaahhhh but let me be honest, it wasn’t cause Im some natural gifted, pornstar in the making man, Ill be honest, it was cause I just wasn’t into it, she was sooo lose, oh my god. I don’t even have anything to compare it to, like Ive not been with anyone else since, yes Ive been nashing, but I was just so disappointed. I mean, if this is how it feels like fucking non-virgins, then Imma just go back to doing half fucking with the “virgins” man.
Wait….hold up, I just realised a very interesting side to this whole thing.
So a few days ago, I was texting with this old bud of mine I used to “half fuck” with right? Hell, she was the first girl to put my dick in her mouth if Im being honest….but that’s irrelevant, lets go back to the story. Yeah, so I was talking to her and relationships and stuff like that came up, you know? And she told me about this … I wish I could say guy but its really a man, who are we deceiving baby girl, just admit it already. She told me about this man shes been seeing and how he might actually be the one and all that, and of course, I asked if they had fucked yet. Truth is I just wanted to know if she was still a “virgin” …who knows, now that Ive been disillusioned maybe a throwback wont be bad if you know what I mean. It took some persuasion, but then she told me about it…and I listened, and I laughed and it was all good till I hanged up. Then something she had said hit me, she told about how he was a gentleman about it, how she was bleeding and he felt bad and stuff and then HOW HE WAS SURPRISED SHE WAS STILL A VIRGIN. Nega was actually surprised…there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that the guy fell in love at that very moment. You know how we guys are, we fuck around with the bad ones so much, when we finally find a good one we immediately want to cuff em. From the way she spoke even, about how they cuddled and how he kept kissing her forehead, the man had noooooo idea, In his minds eye, nega had found himself an angel.
Now don’t get me wrong, Im not bashing my friend, God knows I love her, shes a beautiful soul and everything but can you imagine the deception?
Let me deviate a little cause I just realised I had mentioned earlier how I used to get mad whenever people said they couldn’t believe I was a virgin. Hah well on the other side I used to go absolutely rabid when people actually believed me! See, I play the good boy virgin card a lot right, but truth be said, it doesn’t work with every girl. Some girls just find out hes not experienced and they get fucking power drunk. I mean this girl actually told me onetime while I was desperately trying to talk dirty, “youre such a virgin.” Oh… my…Yesu wasn’t I pissed! She actually said I was such a virgin cause I was talking dirty to her. In her mind virgins talk about sex all the time…which I must confess I do enjoy doing…but don’t live up to when it gets down to it. Fuck was I offended, like, bitch do you know the shit I do even without full penetration!!!???? Pops color, thugs off.

Let me find a way to conclude this.

Frankly, I don’t know what this post is about, frankly, none of what I just said is true, most of its just stories Ive heard from friends, this was supposed to somehow turn into a story once I started typing but clearly it didn’t happen. Wait, but then again, nothing on here did not actually happen, these are true fucking stories as told by men, did they exaggerate like we tend to do sometimes when it comes to sex and generally everything we consider manly, maybe, but were they true? Hell fucking yeah.
I think sex is way more complicated than society generally makes it out to be. You don’t hear about half sex in movies…at least not the ones Ive seen. Its just “let me put the tip in” I hear, and well, I don’t know if girls cum from that shit. You don’t hear about the beauty of the unpenetrated vagina verus the looseness of penetrated and how somehow it makes half fucking better than real fucking, you don’t hear about the very serious constant mental struggle of whether you should tell that girl you just met you’re new to the fuck game or youre a pornhub certified pro… man, they don’t tell us anything. Maybe that’s why every guy reading this should thank me for reading this, don’t be all bouncy and shit because you got yourself a virgin, you know how many dicks shes licked?
Society basically tells us, you put your penis in her vagina, the hymen breaks, youre no longer a virgin, please pull out, don’t cum. THE END.

Thank me motherfucker, I just made you think outside the box.

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