An Interview With Self (My name is Anobokiti and I am sad)


Someone told me sometimes out of body experiences are important. I decided to interview myself, because, well just because. Anyone else would have asked the wrong questions anyway. Plus it helped me deal…I was not particularly happy yesterday. I love everybody, no seriously I do, I’m just, I’m just trying to be the best I can be. I know I’m capable of greatness, it’s inside me. I just need to find it. Sometimes that’s the hardest thing, finding it.

Someone else:Hello

Me: Hi

Someone else: How are you?

Me: Not too good, I posted on my blog today

Someone else: Laughs* Is that always a bad thing?

Me: Usually, I almost always get critical of myself and become slightly depressed after I post

Someone else: Even with positive feedback?

Me: Yes

Someone else: Then Why do you do it?

Me: I don’t know, I’ve not typed anything out and just left it on my laptop in a long time. It’s always like this; I type something, I become very excited about it, eager to share, I post it, and then I wait, and then I reread it a thousand times, and then I hate it and yeah…

Someone else: Why did you start writing?

Me: Laughs* That’s a funny question, does anybody remember why they started? I know my grandma used to tell me a lot of ananse stories when I was way smaller, I know I used to worry any and every adult I could find to tell me one, somewhere along the line I guess I decided I wanted to create my own.

Someone else: Were you instantly good at it?

Me: I don’t think so, at least not in the story telling aspect, I remember I would raise my hands during story-time, and this was in class 2, and Mr. Klaku (his soul rest in peace) would refuse to call me. I always made up the stories when I got up to the front, they could go on for hours *laughs

Someone else: Would you call writing an escape?

Me: Yes and no, I do get lost in it but on my own volition. I don’t necessarily hide in it.

Someone else: What would you say your influences are?

Me: African Writers, definitely. For a long time I was obsessed with becoming like them when I grow up. Chinua Achebe especially, Go to a fancy University outside the country, England or the United States, study English, Theater or some fancy arts course, become a writer. Things didn’t really go as planned.

Someone else: So you do not want to become a writer anymore?

Me: I honestly do not know. I’m studying law at GIMPA right now, has it’s perks but I don’t particularly like it. I recently started trying to break into Ghana’s new-age writing scene (there’s this incredible new era of African writers emerging from Ghana and Africa as a whole even now chaley, I kid you not they are amazing), most of them are studying English in school so they have that head-start over me but who knows? Maybe I just will. I’m going at my own pace.

Someone else: Head-Start, sound’s somewhat competitive no?

Me: *Laughs Well I also mentioned I’m going at my own pace. Truth is, it does feel competitive sometimes, people are really snobbish. I’ve come up with this theory that writers are generally pretentious, snobby people. Pretentious where we really do think we are smarter than everyone else when we really aren’t. That’s just what I think though, just know, do not be deceived, the current breed of bloggers, writers, most are mean, most are competitive even when you are not.

Someone else: Is there any Blogger/Writer in this “new-era” you follow?

Me: Not really. I do follow Akotowaa on social media, Instagram and twitter, I’ve unfollowed and followed her a couple of times. Which is funny because she posted on that very issue recently. Truth is except twitter where its hard to decide who is funny enough to follow (everyone is a fool on there *laughs) I am very particular about what I see on my T.L. and I cant decide if her posts are relevant to me personally or not (she doesn’t fool as much and doesn’t necessarily post on things I’m interested in anymore, not since she traveled). Plus it’s kind of heartbreaking watching someone live out your dreams. But, own pace. On WordPress I followed her because I read something relevant she posted, not a big fan of her prose but her poetry and social commentary are really good in my opinion. She’s okay, and through no fault of hers very hyped.

Someone else: You seem to have a lot to say about her

Me: Yes, she’s that type of person, she’s branded herself well. I barely know her even. That’s all I’m going to say though.

Someone else: At what point did you realize you were good?

Me: Laughs* I’m tempted to say never, I have my own demons but, It would be Junior High School, an English Teacher took an interest in me, put a lot of pressure (expected a lot from me) for whatever reason I still don’t know, maybe she read something? I honestly don’t know. Anyway, she asked us to write and come read to the class this one time, I did and got sort of a standing ovation. I was very overwhelmed, won’t ever forget.

Someone else: *Smiles So, are you working on anything new?

Me: I never work on anything new, I write on the spot most of the time, no planning. I did that a couple of times in Senior High School and they didn’t end so well. I do have the intention of starting a mini-series though, title will be Fat and will revolve around a fat, powerful woman. Also, a prequel to the story I posted today, people didn’t take too kindly to not understanding it.

Someone else: Sound’s exciting. Who’s your favorite writer?

Me: I recently read Dona Tartt and she’s amazing but I love Thomas Harris particularly for the Hannibal Lectre Series. I study his writing actually, he is very good in my opinion.

Someone else: No African Writers?

Me: I like Ayi Kwei Armah, I think he was way ahead of his time. He is/was so intelligent and wrote really beautifully.

Someone else: What’s your history with film? you started an Instagram recommendations series I see.

Me: Film is the one thing I really want to learn how to do now. I love cinemas, I love movies, I love popcorn and dark rooms, the camera angles, the imagery, I love everything about it. When I write, I hardly ever actually tell stories, usually I just visit random scenes briefly, highlight a particular person in a particular situation and then yank the reader out, it’s always the scenes that matter to me more than telling an actual story. I imagine almost everything I write as a film more than as real life.

Someone else:Where do you see yourself in the near future?

Me: I don’t know, the future is a depressing place to visit most of the time. I have so many things in my head, so many visions of myself but yet I feel my life going the exact opposite direction. The truth however is, I believe if I’m actually supposed to become all the things I saw myself as as a child, It’ll happen

Someone else:Thank you and all the best

Me: Thank you



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