Dance With Me Yo!, Some Flex About Nothing


Fiifi reversed out the front of the studio, checking his rear view mirrors for any car still wandering out on the road, it was unlikely, the time being 2:15 am, but still he was cautious, paranoid more like it. He eased into the driver’s seat and inserted the flashy new CD he had stepped out the studio with. His music filled the car, first the slow intro he had argued with Marcus over, and then the hook set in, he increased the volume and stepped on the acceleration.

The old Benz tore through the road smoothly, it’s light poignant through the darkness. He took a left and turned around a corner, suddenly his car wasn’t the only thing on the road anymore. Ladies in heels marched around the street, prostitutes retiring from a nights work, the pubs that lined the street were either closed or closing up. His heart pounded through his chest pocket, his left hand unwittingly falling of the steering wheel and brushing lightly against the bulge of cash in his pocket.

He slowed down, which wasn’t a problem really, being the only car on the road, and watched them, some had taken off their heels even, opting to walk bare foot on the tarred road instead. Butts wiggled inside of tight skirts, nipples poked out the front of blouses, he stiffened, his heart ready to break out of his rib cage. One turned towards him, a thick one, he nodded his head towards the side of the road and turned on his indicator light, he barely caught her nod back.

She slammed the door shut and turned to him. The pink on her heavy set lips somehow flattered her brown skin, she had a small nose, her eyelids were a faded dark, the makeup obviously applied hours prior was just about faded off now. When she smiled, her cheeks came up to her eyes, he smiled back. She had nice teeth, all in all she wasn’t half bad, somehow his rash pick/ decision had turned out a good one, at least at the moment it seemed.

“You want a good time?” he nodded and reached for her chest, feeling the edges of her breast, she wasn’t wearing a bra. The stiffness in his jeans got worse, he felt ready to burst.

“How much?”

“120 cedis for a whole night, 80 for quick time” She drew her hands to his thigh and rubbed his crotch, her eyes fixated on him.

He was going to cum there and then, he choked on his words, “How about blowjobs?”

Her eyes turned wild suddenly, she looked beyond his shoulders, then whisked her head to the back of the car, “we can’t talk here, poli – “

Sirens shocked him out of his confusion, he turned and a stripped car had parked next to him, an officer walked towards his window. He turned on the engine and started reversing out and back unto the road again, the officer shouted something, he smiled and muttered nonsense about coming to pick up his sister and having to leave immediately. She was laughing even as he sped off, “is this your first time? The police will worry you. You have to park somewhere better next time” He laughed too, subconsciously driving towards his apartment.

“We are going to your place?” He snapped out his trance of sorts and nodded, “Yeah, but you’ll have to reduce the price, I want you for the night” She stretched her right hand to his crotch again, groping him, “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of you”

Along the line her hands got tired, she stopped and just stared out her window. Thank goodness, he thought, scared that he would embarrass himself. Prostitute or not a one-minute man was the worst thing any man could be. Occasionally she would ask how far they were going, “Are you scared?” She turned and smiled again “I should ask you that, same way you are scared, me too” The irony of the situation hit him then, of course she was also afraid, didn’t she have more reason to be even? Being a female, in a stranger’s car, going god knows where to have sex. Which type of men went for prostitutes even? Perverts? Sex offenders? She had more reason to be scared. The thought settled him for some reason.

Silence overtook them again, he sped through the empty road, eager to get it over with. She turned from the window and stared around the insides of the car. “What’s this?” She reached for the CD, its edges poking out the cars radio and pushed it inside, the slow introduction came on once more and he wondered if maybe Marcus had been right after all. “I make music, this is what I’m working on right now” She stared at him with genuine surprise, “this is really good yo!”, he laughed. The hook came on and she went from rocking back and forth to some weird dance gestures with her hands “Yo, yo stop the car”


“stop the car man, stop the car”

He parked at the side of the road, she turned the volume all the way up. He was too surprised to react, her rocking got aggressive, she got out of the car, hands flying above her head. “Dance with me man” He laughed and got down too. Playfully he rocked back till he was in the middle of the road, she approached him, feet shuffling, hands stretched and bouncing off her shoulders, she got up in front of him, his hands grabbed at her waist.

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