An Ephemeral Twilight: The Light

Ethereal 2

The drizzle blinded his windscreen, the frantic movement of the cars wipers doing little to help him see the uneven undulation of dirt road in front. Directing the wheel with one hand, he used the other to scroll through his phone for her number, the cars Bluetooth picked up the call. Outside, the rain fell heavier still.

“Oh my god I’m going to kill you” She shouted excitedly, the worry in her voice doing little to hide the exhilaration of escape.

“Where are you? I swear I can’t see shit”

The car jolted upward, slamming his head against the roof.

“What was that?”, She was laughing now, “wait, wait, I think I can see you”

He looked to the side of the road and found her, an arm akimbo, the other stretched out over her head. She run to the car, falling exhaustedly into the front seat. She was still laughing.

“You know I’m an African woman, right?”

Chuckling, he turned the inside light on so he could see her properly.

“You look amazing”.

She punched his arm.

The rain continued with them, through slow traffic they spoke about family and friends, their faults and mistakes, the excitement of a sprouting relationship, the decadence of its growth. She sat with her legs crossed out in a meditative pose, drawing on the fogged window, her cheeks hitting at her glasses whenever she smiled. Wet tarred road stretched out in front of them, glittering under the haloed glow of bright yellow street lights. She directed him which way to turn.

“Yeah, everybody has a smell. From what I’ve heard mine’s like baby powder”

“What? Wait.”, she reached for his right hand, bringing it to her nose. “No, not baby powder. I like it though” She bit him playfully, her eyes staying on his. He smiled. She turned away, then back at him.

“We’re here”

The car drew to a gradual halt beside the road and for the first time, looking to his right, he saw the water; It’s waves crashing violently against each other.

“See that?” She had her mirror rolled down and was pointing at some distant lights he couldn’t quite make out.  She did not turn to him as she spoke, “Those are ships”. Both stared out in silence, the sea breeze brushing against their faces.

She opened the door and hurriedly stepped out. He hesitated, then joined her. The chill met him immediately he came down. It was raining still, heavier than before.  With quivering fingers, he locked the car. “Wooooo Wewuuuu Wu” She was jumping around, her arms stretched out. He could barely hear his own laughter through the raging billows. She jumped down into the sand, running towards the water. He chased after her.

“Oh god, oh god I’m freezing” He hugged himself tightly, picking his steps through the sand to get to her. Behind, and above him, cars swished by. She turned, smiling, allowing him enter her embrace. His quivering slowed down inside her heat. He tried speaking but the words came out in feverish splatters. Laughing, she pulled back and held his face. They stared at each other.


I have known the magic of your lips,

as they breathed new life into my decease,

I have known the feel of your skin,

in dreams, with my eyes open,

the ethereal and the corporeal crash inside a transient whirl,

and I feel the light of God’s face, in your eyes, buried inside of mine,

There is no balance, no meaning, in love,

but solace is finding company, inside it,

with you.

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