Here’s All You Need To Understand An Ephemeral Twilight.

Before you read this, I think uhm, its important? that you actually read the entire series. Follow these links to do so. Part 1: An Ephemeral Twilight: The Light Part 2: An Ephemeral Twilight: The Darkness Part 3: An Ephemeral Twilight: The Myth of Plato’s Cave

Hello guys! Yet another 3 part series comes to an end and again, I am here, hoping to help you make sense of all your “what the hell is this?” and “ah, I don’t understand”, because well, I’m not famous yet, and I don’t have a fan willing to post a youtube video about why An Ephemeral Twilight is possibly my best work ever. (Not that it is, and uhm, not that I have any fans)

James Franco Wait Giff

The Plot (A super quick run through):

An Ephemeral Twilight is basically about a guy, a “young adult”, who goes out on a date with a girl called Penny. Things go really well and the two end up spending the night together at a beach. The boy wakes up the next morning and Penny is gone. He assumes she’s left, but finds reason to believe something bad has happened to her. Scared, he makes the decision to destroy all evidence he was ever with her and keep their night together a secret. He is tortured by his uncertainties about what really happened to her however and attempts to communicate with Penny’s family, leading somehow to a relationship with Penny’s cousin. She informs him Penny’s father is being accused of murdering Penny, but he refuses to speak still; In the end, choosing to live and die with his “secret”.

The Break Down


Pretty simple plot huh? Nothing extraordinary. Anyways, An Ephemeral Twilight was inspired (and I only figured this out after I was done) by a lot of narly things. By two films, American Beauty and Silence, by one novel, the Beautiful Ones are Not Yet Born, and like 3 or 4 episodes of my favorite show, King of the Hill.

The Title! Why an Ephemeral Twilight:

The title comes from my obsession with balance. If you have been following my writing so far, you should have realized by now that I do not believe in definites. What does this mean? I don’t think there is necessarily anything like right or wrong, left or right, I support this, I support that. I believe in the theological school of thought known as FENCING, (totally not made up), which is basically an exaggeration of empathy. I know, it’s a bit redundant to say your position on a matter is “empathy” but that’s legit the only way I can honestly define myself. I have been in so many arguments, I am constantly in arguments about how I feel about things, don’t get me wrong, but then again there is always this moment in all the shouting where I think to myself, “if I was arguing his/her point out, I would do it so much better than he/she is doing right now”. IF YOU UNDERSTAND THE POINT WHY IN HEAVENS NAME ARE YOU STILL ARGUING THEN!!!??? It’s so messy and complicated, even I don’t pretend to fully understand it. Anyways, yes, balance.

American Beauty was the first film I saw in which a merger of disgusting and attractive was defined as beautiful. The first film that told me, there is beauty in balance, for once I was validated, and yes, pay attention and you can see it in almost everything I write.

On this balance issue again, I think it is reflected in human character as well. There is none holy, even Jesus Christ acknowledged this.

For a long time I had been looking to write a story that reflected the human condition. King of the Hill is one show that achieves this, and brillianty, whether it’s Bobby Hill burning down a church, Peggy Hill constantly being a bossy turd or Hank being a super conservative homophobe, every member of the Hill family has his, her issue, but the thing is, you cant help loving them still. So yes, I wanted to write a story vague in what really is innocent and what is guilty. Beautiful, in its abstract, flawed quality. One reflecting the constant struggle between good and bad. like the wind, whirling the rubber bag in American Beauty, becoming the most beautiful thing in the world.

American Beauty Whirling Plastic Bag

Hence, An Ephemeral Twilight basically is The Beauty of Conflict/ The Beauty of Balance/The Beauty of Good and Bad, Intertwined/ The Beauty of Light and Darkness Clashed!


Oush, I think I’ve kind of explained the most dominant theme already: Balance. There are more though, a whole lot more.

In the series, I also address something that just recently started  making a whole lot more sense to me. It is something I have struggled with my entire semi-adult life, and understanding it might not have cured me per se, but it did help put things in perspective. It is what I choose to call, Depressive Silence.

Depressive Silence is basically DEPRESSION BORNE OUT OF SILENCE, and ultimately, UNKNOWING. I avoid using the word “ignorance” here because although it does mean the state of not having knowledge about something, it is easily construed as “knowing, but choosing to ignore”. It’s a wrong application, but that’s what our generation has turned the word into. Instead I use UNKNOWING, because well, it feels more like what I’m trying to put across, the state of NOT KNOWING.

Depressive Silence occurs where a person becomes depressed because he or she does not know or is not sure of how people perceive him or her, or more especially, how they perceive his or her work (as an artist). It is what I go through every single time I share my work on Instagram or Twitter or WordPress. I wait, sometimes for hours for feedback from people, and sometimes nothing comes. The thing is even when it does, I am so quick to pass it off as the person just “being nice”. It is literally the worst thing; Not knowing whether you should just quit it all, or continue, whether you’re doing good, or everyone is just too “nice” to call you out on your bullshit writing, yeah, it sucks.

In the movie Silence, Depressive Silence is depicted in the form of tortured missionaries constantly praying to God to save them and receiving no reply or signs from him. They begin to question their faith and ultimately the “most faithful” of them, ends up stepping on Jesus’ face. It is basically the frustration people go through when they don’t know about something, or have no means of knowing. Forever stuck in the uncertainty of too quiet.

Silence Or AM I Just Praying to Nothing Giff

I’ve spoken plenty but yes, the second theme is: Depressive Silence. In the series I depict it in two ways, one, where the boy after the incident hears nothing from anyone concerning Peggy, and two, and probably the most glaring, on the readers, by refusing to ever answer the question: What happened to Penny? Yeah, welcome to my life! (Petty, I know lol)

The third theme is basically the thing about ignorance, and it stems from a conversation I had with this girl bi like that who has somehow managed to suddenly become a very good friend: Penny Agbo. Yes, Penny, from the story! Lol. We had this conversation on how both of us would rather not know some things about the other, a mutual decision to stay in the blind, because, we both like our perceptions of each other just fine. True or not. I should probably acknowledge the fact that she was also a major inspiration. She was my muse! Proper proper ankasa. I think only she can tell y’all how much truth was in her character.

Again, on the thing about Ignorance, The three parts of the series are divided into three titles, The Light, The Darkness and The Myth of Plato’s Cave. I’m sure by now you have figured out that the light and the darkness are directly connected to the whole balance thing. If you’ve not, pick up a dictionary, look for the word twilight and yeah, try to fix the pieces together. Anyway, the last, the Myth of Plato’s Cave comes from a legit allegory presented by Plato in the 5th century B.C, in his work, Republic, when discussing the effects of education and the lack of it in our nature. Yes I just copied that off Wikipedia, its a really difficult something to explain, leave me!  The allegory tells a story of persons locked in a cave where they are accustomed to darkness and shadowy figures, and how they have no means of telling what really the shadows are, only making assumptions and believing them as truth. Yes, they do get some right, but knowing a thing by name does not really mean knowing what it really is, does it?

In Kwaw Ansahs novel, The Beautiful Ones are Not Yet Born, he alludes to the allegory of Plato’s cave where he states that,

“…. Men are free to do what they choose to do and will laugh with hate at the bringer of unwanted light if what they knew they needed was the dark”

Basically, Kwaw Ansah references the fact that, sometimes, and indeed most often, there is peace in ignorance (whether in the modern sense or the actual).

Ayi Kwei Armah's The Beautyful Ones are Not Yet Born

This is reflected in the life of the protagonist of the series after he decides to keep quiet about Penny. In the end, he becomes a shoulder to cry on and a pillar of support for her cousin, they end up getting married, have a child together, and he lives a fairly fruitful life without her ever knowing the truth. In the end, he dies with a smile on his face, what to his grieving family is a reassurance that his soul is in a better place. – The peacefulness of Ignorance, The peacefulness of mistruths perhaps.

Other themes addressed include, the relativity of conscience, secrets, the versus of cowardice and bravery, etc. Most of these can pass as sub-themes of the three larger ones though, so, no need to explain them any further.

Oh, also I added the theme of Disappointment as a last minute something. I knew a lot of people would be disappointed with Part 3 lool but this ending was necessary guys! There was plenty good in its bad, I tell you, it’s beautiful, like a lover on her period:

Disappointing, yes, but you know for a fact now, she’s not pregnant 😊

smart moves meme


Aye, somehow this has become really long. I think it’s enough though right? No? Then comment below and I’ll be sure to answer any questions you have. Thanks a million for all those who followed the series, big thank you to Mr. Sena Frost who helped me make Part 2 a lot more clearer, thanks for every single like and comment, y’all don’t know how much it means to a brother.

Boom! I’m out.

Note: You can click on this link to read more about my Fencing theory: Alvin Akuamoah’s Fences

Also, why the poetry: The issue of balance, beauty and ugliness very much exists in the process of falling in love, being in love, and staying in love too. That’s all I’m going to say. I absolutely hate explaining poetry.

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