ARE YOU SEXIST? A Do-It-Yourself Questionnaire for Men.

Are you sexist



In each of the following scenarios, note down your emotional response using a scale of 1-5. Where 1 is not upset at all, and 5 is very upset.

  1. Vero, a married housewife has been cheating on her husband. Her complaint is that his penis is too small and he does not satify her in bed. She remains in the marriage because her husband is rich and can sponsor her expensive lifestyle.


  1. The only male employee in an office is suddenly promoted above his female colleagues. His behavior changes: He becomes arrogant and seems to enjoy humiliating the women he once worked with. Yesterday, he called Stephanie stupid.


  1. Sandra, the cleaner, has down syndrome. She recently parted ways with her boyfriend of 2 months and has been looking for a new boyfriend. She has tried to get close to three of the men in her office but they’ve all steered away from her. You go into the office kitchen to heat your lunch and come across a couple of your male colleagues laughing loudly about something. You listen in and Francis, the office clown remarks, amidst stifled laughter,

“Oh but Kwame all jokes aside, Sandra’s a perfect catch. See ihn nice Chinese eyes, sexy lips, ihn jaw bones saf. What a sexy girl!!!”

The all burst into laughter.


  1. Agyeman, CEO AFEVI Group of Companies has been cheating on his wife. His complaint is that his wife has refused to take care of herself since the last baby. She is currently overweight and lazy in bed. He is still married to her because his catholic faith frowns on divorce.


  1. The only female employee in an office is suddenly promoted above her male colleagues. Her behavior changes: she becomes arrogant and seems to enjoy humiliating the men she once worked with. Kuuku makes a costly mistake, she is livid. In her rage, she blurts out, “Are you stupid!?”


  1. Chris, the janitor, has down syndrome. He recently parted ways with his girlfriend of 3 years and has been on the lookout for a new one. He has asked three of the women in the office he cleans out on a date but they’ve all declined. You’re passing by Monica, the office bitch’s stall and overhear snickering and muffled chatter. You take a look in and the 3 ladies are huddled around a sitting Monica, laughing. Monica chuckles,

“Ah, that gbangbami (*idiot) boy paaa. He does not know his place erh?”



Congratulations on completing our questionnaire! It is our hope that this helped you determine whether you fit into the sexist bracket or not. It is easy to swear we are not this or we are not that, truth is, in the end, it is our situational reactions that make us who we are, not necessarily our personal estimation of self.  


Adios, and see you next time!



One thought on “ARE YOU SEXIST? A Do-It-Yourself Questionnaire for Men.

  1. This is great. My reactions were more of sadness though. I’m way too lethargic to feel anything akin to anger right now. Great piece and wonderful subject matter.

    Liked by 2 people

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