Sonyo Sanyo

Sonyo Sanyo 1 (2)

He lay flat out on his bed, a hand behind his head, the other inside his boxers, gently cupping at his testicles. His fan spelt “SONYO” instead of “SANYO”. It was a faux brand, an imitation. He thought of all of the times he had slept directly underneath it, even now; how easily it could have gone off its hinges or something and killed him. Buying a fake fan had to be a crime. His asshole Land Lord deserved prison anyway. He peered down his neck at the fan’s switch. The sensible thing would be to get off his bed and put it off right now. He rolled over to his side and pulled his hand out. His balls smelt like raw eggs. Probably from before when he had masturbated. He could not remember the last time he had wiped after himself. Nowadays he just did it and fell asleep.

Somewhere about him he heard a silent vibration. He sat up on the bed and dug through the clutter of clothes that surrounded him. It was a while before he found it. The caller ID showed “Esi”. He fell back on the bed and called back.



“You called me?”

“Ei so haven’t you missed me? If I don’t call you won’t call.”

“Chale chale, I’ve been busy. What do you want?”

“Can I come over?”

He switched his phone to the other ear and dug his right hand back inside his boxers.

“Why do you like sex like that?”

“Eiiii”, she giggled, “Me mome. Abi you taught me?”

Good, he had set up whatever business they had together perfectly. The last time she had come over, there had been a lot of conversation he wasn’t interested in. A lot of slapping his hands away.

“Yoo, you dier come erh. What time?”

“Oh like 5, after work.”

He cut the line and scooted to the edge of the bed. There was no need cleaning before she came. She would do it for him.

Esi was some 6 years his junior. One of his mother’s shop attendants. They had been going at it for months now. Initially he had resisted. Age aside, she was much different from any of the people he had been with. She was educated, but not really. Probably public school. She ate egg and pepper and dipped bread inside her chocolate. It was not a good idea, what they were doing. He had thought often and hard about how difficult it would be to get rid of her if she ever got pregnant. People like her; they leeched off people like him. The baby would be a lifeline for her – and an end for him. His parents would literally kill him. The sensible thing was to end it. So why had he told her he loved her?

He answered the door in his towel. She smiled as she came inside. He knew she would like it. He pinned her to the wall and felt roughly at her body. Her handbag fell to the floor, spilling out her make-up and what looked like rice and stew in a transparent rubber bag. She tasted like mint and soda. He pulled down the sleeves of her blouse and scooped her left breast out her brassier. She gasped as he put his mouth on her. His towel fell from his waist. She grabbed at his bare buttocks and slid down the wall to her knees.

It was 7 p.m and they both lay naked on his bed. He had a hand behind his head, and another cuddled around her arm. He had just pointed the “SONYO” logo out to her. She too had not noticed it before. He played his hands through her hair; just now remembering the rice and stew that had fallen out her bag.

“Why did you do it inside me?”

The question surprised him. It probably should not have. He probably should have been thinking about the same thing instead. Not the rice.

“I don’t know.”

“Do you want us to have a baby?”

He shifted his weight from underneath her and turned to look her in the face. She looked scared, vulnerable. He felt his member stiffen.

“Why not?”

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