What Happens in Gambia (Part 1 of 1?)

If there's ever another post on my stay here I'll be sure to add pictures. For now though, please bare with me? Thanks.  For those of you not too keen on following my pretend-photography on Instagram and/or Snapchat, I'd like to officially announce that I, Alvin Akuamoah, am in Gambia and frankly, have no idea … Continue reading What Happens in Gambia (Part 1 of 1?)


The Masquerade: An Excerpt

Against my better judgement, here's an excerpt from something I am currently working on. Something I am very excited about.  1. In which Kwaku gets into a fight. The chair was faster than he was. It was no sooner in the air than it came into contact with him, its hind leg smashing into the … Continue reading The Masquerade: An Excerpt

What Baawua Gave to Jesus: Alias, The Body dier, Weak

When Baawua, resident macho man and general troublemaker (in that order) finally gave his life to Christ, he expected the world would change to accommodate his new perspective on life. He anticipated a sudden ease in every hustle; the ephemeral peace that had at once taken over his heart when Pastor Ashimolo laid hands on … Continue reading What Baawua Gave to Jesus: Alias, The Body dier, Weak

We Will Not Pray For Ourselves.


Akotowaa Ntentan

People who are dying of thirst know that they need water to survive. That if they raise their voices to ask, someone may just bring it. We always assume those dying of thirst would like their thirst quenched. Sometimes, they would not.
It is a curious thing, the mind of a person who does not want to stay. I am talking about the kind whose eyes are open and can see the truth clearly. The kind within arm’s reach of the cure, whose hands remain demurely folded in laps, as disease ravages rapidly.
It is one thing to be exhausted of your own life. It is another thing entirely to be exhausted of life itself. To know that even if your personal, greatest problems were suddenly, magically solved, you still would not want to stay.
Whether or not we are impervious to burning does not change the fact that we…

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