Alvin Akuamoah’s Bridge Side Medley

She parks her car in the middle of the road, it’s empty, it’s dawn, her dress flutters in the wind: I do, have something to say, I do not want to be, silent anymore I have watched, through clenched teeth and forced smiles As you come in and out, but I’m tired My life is […]

Of Warriors Who Once Upon a Time, Came Upon a Witch.

Writers Note:I miss writing, and its not often I feel this way.Many times I feel the opposite. Not a disdain for the creative process, a laziness towards it. I have ideas that have never seen fruition. Its interesting, in the end, most of my ideas never take form, the ones that do take form are the ones […]

Ananse’s Right Now.

I am the spawn of Ntikuma, the weaver of words, who was; The seed of Ananse, the master of trickery, the husband of Okonore, an ever patient wife, who poured soup down his throat and smiled whence she could, I am historys right now, by the firesides turned by the tv screens I scream…antiquities expensive […]

Freedoms songs beyond my wall.

Hey, Anobokiti here.. but you already know that. Based on the success of my last “poetry post” I decided to share something I wrote yesterday with you guys. Do you ever feel imprisoned? Like the path you are supposed to take has been literally drawn out for you and going against it would just be […]