The Characters and Themes of Here-There: A 3 Part, True-Fiction, Series

Hold up, there is no way you’re going to understand any of this if you’ve not been following Here-There since I first posted. No worries though, its not too late to catch up, click on the links below to find out what all the fuss has been about: Here-There Part 1: A Science Fiction Experiment  […]

It’s Okay to be a Woman, and Want Sex

It’s okay to be a woman, and want sex (coming right after an argument with my parents over gay rights) Oh my, the controversy I caused with this post on instagram. I have come to accept that for some reason I am constantly minded to speak out about things I am supposed to keep in […]

On Another Could Have Been (A Soliloquy From the Third Perspective)

Loosely based on actual events Even as the sun sinks beneath two mountain peaks  As certain to rise again as I am to be alive the day after tomorrow, I contemplate the could have beens that never was. So many of them, scattered in a history of high adrenaline conversations  finally caving in to exhaustive […]

An Interview With Self (My name is Anobokiti and I am sad)

Someone told me sometimes out of body experiences are important. I decided to interview myself, because, well just because. Anyone else would have asked the wrong questions anyway. Plus it helped me deal…I was not particularly happy yesterday. I love everybody, no seriously I do, I’m just, I’m just trying to be the best I […]

Alvin Akuamoah’s Fences

Sometimes it amazes me how much I know myself, how much I know life in itself. I know typing that last sentence I felt a bit cocky, I know anyone reading this who knows me thinks it’s me being my usual subtly conceited self (depends really on who the person is). The fact is, sometimes […]