The Characters and Themes of Here-There: A 3 Part, True-Fiction, Series

Hold up, there is no way you’re going to understand any of this if you’ve not been following Here-There since I first posted. No worries though, its not too late to catch up, click on the links below to find out what all the fuss has been about: Here-There Part 1: A Science Fiction Experiment  […]

Here-There: The Death of the Otherman (Fin.)

For Miss Brown, a pseudonym, and the four hyenas who chased me into solitude. Read Part 1 – here and Part 2 – there “God gave me dreams, ones so vivid I would wake up tasting lips kissed in an otherworldly bliss, wishing I could live inside of my own head” – Kofi.Somuah There From […]

Here-There: A New Beginning (Extended Cut)

Writers Note: Hello people! This is officially my most edited work, ever.How exciting lol; At least compared to the morbid tone I started 2017 with, we have come far. I told you guys maybe I’d continue with my science fiction experiment, and, here we are. See, I did continue. What started out as  “just trying something” […]

Here-There: A Science-Fiction Experiment

Writers Note: Happy 2017. The year I started re-branding this space (2015, I think), my resolution was to use wordpress to better my writing anyway I could. That meant different styles of writing, different perspectives to write from  and as is being attempted today – different genres of story-telling. The fire that inspired that resolution […]

Fat 3: Strained Relationships and a Death

For as long as they had known Jacob he had preferred women of a heavier dispensation. It wasn’t so much the popular phrase “babiara soso”, translated as “everything big big” as it was just his taste in women. He didn’t care if they had heavy chests without an ounce of fat below their waists or […]

It’s Okay to be a Woman, and Want Sex

It’s okay to be a woman, and want sex (coming right after an argument with my parents over gay rights) Oh my, the controversy I caused with this post on instagram. I have come to accept that for some reason I am constantly minded to speak out about things I am supposed to keep in […]