Before Sule Went to Heaven

Should his life have ended any sooner than it did, Sule was convinced he would have been a happier ghost. Something about all the screaming and forlorn expressions and that wheezing sound he now realised had been his breathing had carried on with him into the afterlife. Too much time was spent realising he was … Continue reading Before Sule Went to Heaven


Issah-Mona: A Summer Vibe

6:33 P.M Issah turned into the parking space in front of Mona’s shop and pulled on the brakes violently. It was the beginnings of a wonderful night; he could smell it in the greying air about him, the cold wave that brushed across his face as he stepped out of his orange Picanto. He pulled … Continue reading Issah-Mona: A Summer Vibe

What Baawua Gave to Jesus: Alias, The Body dier, Weak

When Baawua, resident macho man and general troublemaker (in that order) finally gave his life to Christ, he expected the world would change to accommodate his new perspective on life. He anticipated a sudden ease in every hustle; the ephemeral peace that had at once taken over his heart when Pastor Ashimolo laid hands on … Continue reading What Baawua Gave to Jesus: Alias, The Body dier, Weak