Jerk Jerk Squat Smash: A Dance Number

For Zachary, Jeez, I wonder who will read this nonsense ‘poem’?  LOL It’s been 9 hours and I’m still smiling. Thank you. Mr. Niceguy walks into a bar on a Sunday night, still dressed in his church clothes, his bible tucked under his armpit. He takes a seat at the counter and orders a bottle of water. […]

An Ephemeral Twilight: The Darkness

This is Part 2 of a short story I posted on here a week ago (*does Bobby Shmurda’s dance*). Click on this to read it: An Ephemeral Twilight: The Light For Miss Agbo, and the bliss of ignorance. He woke up naked in the sand, his squint slowly drawing his vision into focus. It was morning, […]

An Ephemeral Twilight: The Light

Life’s been a whirlwind of emotions recently. I took a hiatus to concentrate on school work — which gave zero dividend by the way– but I’m back now, and obviously, still trying out the emotional whatnots of writing. For Miss Penny – You might as well be an employee now. Fuck you. The drizzle blinded […]

Between the Hours: A Boring Look, at a Tired Existence.

Fun Fact: The character in this piece was originally male. I decided to change him to a her, right after typing the last word. Pushed by some forces I guess. As expected the result was completely different. Same narrative, same themes, yet the vision changed completely. A strange thing, this life thing.  From the wired […]

Alvin Akuamoah’s Bridge Side Medley

She parks her car in the middle of the road, it’s empty, it’s dawn, her dress flutters in the wind: I do, have something to say, I do not want to be, silent anymore I have watched, through clenched teeth and forced smiles As you come in and out, but I’m tired My life is […]

About Man, Who Once Upon a Time, Came Upon a Fire.

Writers Note: There’s a fire in a pit, for some reason these are the first words that came out my brain when I opened word just now so that’s what I will go with. There’s a fire in a pit ….. When there’s a fire in a pit my son what do you do? Do […]

Cigarette Smokes in a Silent Bar, Alias: Kwame Rasta and the Heartless World

“If i had just one wish, i’d wish everything in the world was free, but like the only thing you had to pay for was a heart. Not just that, but that the heart would be very very very cheap so everyone could afford one…but if everything was free, would anything really be cheap? Anyways, […]