Jerk Jerk Squat Smash: A Dance Number

For Zachary, Jeez, I wonder who will read this nonsense ‘poem’?  LOL It’s been 9 hours and I’m still smiling. Thank you. Mr. Niceguy walks into a bar on a Sunday night, still dressed in his church clothes, his bible tucked under his armpit. He takes a seat at the counter and orders a bottle of water. […]

A Deliverance From Torments Transient

It was 3 a.m., the first time Abena came out of her two-week comma. She was as would be expected completely flustered. So much so, she made one swift motion of her head from left to right, then fell back against the pillow, into a dream state. The second time, it was afternoon. She opened […]

Fat 3: Strained Relationships and a Death

For as long as they had known Jacob he had preferred women of a heavier dispensation. It wasn’t so much the popular phrase “babiara soso”, translated as “everything big big” as it was just his taste in women. He didn’t care if they had heavy chests without an ounce of fat below their waists or […]

Alvin Akuamoah’s Bridge Side Medley

She parks her car in the middle of the road, it’s empty, it’s dawn, her dress flutters in the wind: I do, have something to say, I do not want to be, silent anymore I have watched, through clenched teeth and forced smiles As you come in and out, but I’m tired My life is […]

About Man, Who Once Upon a Time, Came Upon a Fire.

Writers Note: There’s a fire in a pit, for some reason these are the first words that came out my brain when I opened word just now so that’s what I will go with. There’s a fire in a pit ….. When there’s a fire in a pit my son what do you do? Do […]

Rain, A Love Story

For Daasebre Dwamenah, who inspired the sadness inside me even before I knew what heartbreak was. Sing with the Angels, please. If the clouds darken and it thunders and you cant sleep When it rains and rains and the rain does not stop I will ignore my racing heart and walk through the rain So […]

Of Warriors Who Once Upon a Time, Came Upon a Witch.

Writers Note:I miss writing, and its not often I feel this way.Many times I feel the opposite. Not a disdain for the creative process, a laziness towards it. I have ideas that have never seen fruition. Its interesting, in the end, most of my ideas never take form, the ones that do take form are the ones […]