Musing: What Does it Mean to be Human?

What does it mean to be human? (Let's "pretend" I'm really high right now) The Human condition is perhaps the most complex thing anyone can ever attempt to comprehend. We are the complete product of a million and one experiences, none same as the other. How we think, what we do is pre-programmed without notice, … Continue reading Musing: What Does it Mean to be Human?


Esum Kabii: A Preternatural Story

Do you not draw inspiration from the gut? Sprawled out in a mess of your own entrails; finger-painting Life, with blood. Atipoe clapped his hands together and sat down at the edge of the steep cliff. His eyes took in the vision of forest around him. The dark clouds overhead cast a malignant spell over … Continue reading Esum Kabii: A Preternatural Story

Here-There: A Science-Fiction Experiment

Writers Note: Happy 2017. The year I started re-branding this space (2015, I think), my resolution was to use wordpress to better my writing anyway I could. That meant different styles of writing, different perspectives to write from  and as is being attempted today - different genres of story-telling. The fire that inspired that resolution … Continue reading Here-There: A Science-Fiction Experiment