DS 08: On A Water Dance of the Sexual Kind

Thursdays are for thirst-traps lol. My Gambian journey has been so ... interesting/entertaining/draining/seep full of experiences? But that's a story for another day lol. Today, I feature the work of one of the coolest people I've been privileged to meet during my short stay here. Here's Miss D.S. Lee's DS08. Clink, clatter! An assembly of … Continue reading DS 08: On A Water Dance of the Sexual Kind


Before Sule Went to Heaven

Should his life have ended any sooner than it did, Sule was convinced he would have been a happier ghost. Something about all the screaming and forlorn expressions and that wheezing sound he now realised had been his breathing had carried on with him into the afterlife. Too much time was spent realising he was … Continue reading Before Sule Went to Heaven