FIVISUHUNUNYAME: West African Folk-Fiction

Fivusu was startled awake by the howling of wolves. He shot up from the make-shift bed he had made out of palm fronds and looked about him, but his eyes registered little in the darkness. His bonfire was all about dead; only a fading trail of smoke curled its way up from the ashes, stretching … Continue reading FIVISUHUNUNYAME: West African Folk-Fiction



Hello guys. I'm super glad to share this, The Curios Case of Leticia Banyin, fan-fiction I wrote based on the Inspector Bediako series, with you guys. I wrote it out as a prologue, so try not to be too mad at me for all the plenty unanswered questions. Hope you like it! And yes, ALL … Continue reading THE CURIOS CASE OF LETICIA BANYIN