Throat to Chest

For Shika. Fuseinu rolls over on his mat and puffs out the single candle illuminating the tiny security outpost, his home. He turns to face his lover - a tiny shadow next to him, and plants a warm kiss on her forehead. “Tell me about your day” Today I spat in the evening meal. It … Continue reading Throat to Chest


An Ephemeral Twilight: The Myth of Plato’s Cave

This is the last of the Ephemeral Twilight Series. You can read part 1 there: An Ephemeral Twilight: The Light and part 2, here: An Ephemeral Twilight: The Darkness For Disappointment, like a lover on her period. Penny lived in a gated community at Spintex, hidden at the sides of a long stretch of dirt road. It bore … Continue reading An Ephemeral Twilight: The Myth of Plato’s Cave