Musing: What Does it Mean to be Human?

What does it mean to be human? (Let's "pretend" I'm really high right now) The Human condition is perhaps the most complex thing anyone can ever attempt to comprehend. We are the complete product of a million and one experiences, none same as the other. How we think, what we do is pre-programmed without notice, … Continue reading Musing: What Does it Mean to be Human?


Unbroken  — Hitlerskiss Blog

You people just want to kill me. Another, by Charisi of the Hitlerkiss. She's amazing. Reassure us. Break, then change us from grotesque shadows of our former selves. Strain and watch the process with Your Eyes. You let us know of Your presence, that You would not leave us a minute too soon in the … Continue reading Unbroken  — Hitlerskiss Blog