An Ephemeral Twilight: The Darkness

This is Part 2 of a short story I posted on here a week ago (*does Bobby Shmurda’s dance*). Click on this to read it: An Ephemeral Twilight: The Light For Miss Agbo, and the bliss of ignorance. He woke up naked in the sand, his squint slowly drawing his vision into focus. It was morning, […]

On Another Could Have Been (A Soliloquy From the Third Perspective)

Loosely based on actual events Even as the sun sinks beneath two mountain peaks  As certain to rise again as I am to be alive the day after tomorrow, I contemplate the could have beens that never was. So many of them, scattered in a history of high adrenaline conversations  finally caving in to exhaustive […]

Ponks and the Skirts

For Bernard, who came up with a wonderful title for something “I could write one day”. I’m sorry its not a social commentary on youth trends and social yo yo, frankly the spirits led me somewhere entirely different, and particularly less relevant. I hope this makes you smile though.  It was a regular Friday evening […]

About Man, Who Once Upon a Time, Came Upon a Fire.

Writers Note: There’s a fire in a pit, for some reason these are the first words that came out my brain when I opened word just now so that’s what I will go with. There’s a fire in a pit ….. When there’s a fire in a pit my son what do you do? Do […]

Alvin Akuamoah’s Fences

Sometimes it amazes me how much I know myself, how much I know life in itself. I know typing that last sentence I felt a bit cocky, I know anyone reading this who knows me thinks it’s me being my usual subtly conceited self (depends really on who the person is). The fact is, sometimes […]

Silent Generators and the Permeating Future Thought, Alias: Freedom Walks with the Lights Out

Foreword: This piece was heavily inspired by Ben E King’s Stand by Me, play before reading for an awesome experience. He locked the door behind him, outside he was alone, it was always so quiet here, people barely came out, even now when the lights were out and it was so warm, no one came […]