An Ephemeral Twilight: The Light

The drizzle blinded his windscreen, the frantic movement of the cars wipers doing little to help him see the uneven undulation of dirt road in front. Directing the wheel with one hand, he used the other to scroll through his phone for her number, the cars Bluetooth picked up the call. Outside, the rain fell … Continue reading An Ephemeral Twilight: The Light


Alvin Akuamoah’s Bridge Side Medley

She parks her car in the middle of the road, it’s empty, it’s dawn, her dress flutters in the wind: I do, have something to say, I do not want to be, silent anymore I have watched, through clenched teeth and forced smiles As you come in and out, but I’m tired My life is … Continue reading Alvin Akuamoah’s Bridge Side Medley