Hello guys. I'm super glad to share this, The Curios Case of Leticia Banyin, fan-fiction I wrote based on the Inspector Bediako series, with you guys. I wrote it out as a prologue, so try not to be too mad at me for all the plenty unanswered questions. Hope you like it! And yes, ALL … Continue reading THE CURIOS CASE OF LETICIA BANYIN



On Saturdays, Kyerekuwa left home with only two things: the clothes on her body and the empty dora the explorer school bag on her back; always certain to return home with much more. Her small feet meandered through the clustered houses surrounding the slum. Past gutters, stray cats and Mensima’s old cock with the crooked … Continue reading Kyerekuwa

What Baawua Gave to Jesus: Alias, The Body dier, Weak

When Baawua, resident macho man and general troublemaker (in that order) finally gave his life to Christ, he expected the world would change to accommodate his new perspective on life. He anticipated a sudden ease in every hustle; the ephemeral peace that had at once taken over his heart when Pastor Ashimolo laid hands on … Continue reading What Baawua Gave to Jesus: Alias, The Body dier, Weak